Introducing Connection Verification™ for FasMate Series

FasTest Integrates Connection Verification™ into FasMate Series Connectors for Internal Threads

FasMate with Connection Verification™

Minneapolis, MN— March 26, 2019—FasTest, Inc. has integrated the latest generation of its Connection VerificationTM technology into the FasMate Series quick connectors used for sealing threaded ports. FasTest’s Connection Verification technology utilizes sensors to signal when a successful connection has been made. By verifying the connections prior to starting a leak or functional test, operators are able to eliminate waste caused by false failures, ensure safety during high pressure tests, and prevent costly fluid spills. Connection Verification allows customers to choose between three different signal output options – NPN, PNP and Analog – for seamless integration.

“Connection Verification helps operators eliminate short connects that lead to false failures and fluid spills, which are a leading cause of waste in quality control for systems manufacturers,” said Dustin Sirny, Director of Advanced Technology “Many failed leak tests are caused by improper sealing, not a faulty product.” False failures require retesting of the component or system, which takes considerable time and resources. FasTest’s Connection Verification technology can reduce leak testing rework costs by up to 80%.

Additionally, verifying a connection before introducing pressure helps eliminate potential blow offs and other safety concerns. “Because the connector is rated up to 5000psi, many of our customers use our FasMates during high pressure tests. Connection Verification provides another layer of safety for operators by ensuring they have made a proper connection before introducing pressure,” said Sirny. FasTest’s Connection Verification technology also allows process engineers and managers to collect process and testing data to drive lean practices throughout the leak testing process and to help ensure a safe product for end users.

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Since 1985, FasTest, Inc. has manufactured quick test connectors and valves that maximize efficiency, quality and safety of leak testing and fluid transferring application. FasTest has leak test tools that are ideally suited for the automotive, calibration, medical, industrial manufacturing, HVAC-R and compressed gas industries. Relying on core engineering skills, FasTest has secured over 50 US and International patents that serve as the design platform for innovative products that enable their customers to improve testing, manufacturing process and productivity. FasTest also offers custom connectors are for unique requirements.

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