FasTest Partners with Leading Multinational Beverage Dispenser Corporation

FasTest’s Medical Grade ME Series Connector

Minneapolis, MN—January 22, 2018—FasTest, Inc., has partnered with a leading multinational beverage corporation to help establish a leak testing process for their new beverage dispenser. The customer produces hundreds of units a week, with each unit having 48 different valves that need to be tested for leaks.

Because the customer was establishing a completely new leak testing process, FasTest was able to use their expertise to develop the most efficient possible solution without having to modify an existing process. In order to comply with FDA requirements, FasTest provided the customer with a connection solution that eliminated any need for operators to touch the valves on the product throughout the leak testing process. The process also needed to be automated to accommodate the high volume of units being manufactured each day.

FasTest Solution

FasTest supplied the customer with their standard, medical-grade ME Series quick connectors, which provide efficient connections that are ideally suited for an automated leak testing process. The connectors were used to outfit fifteen test stands, with each stand testing 48 different valve connection points at a time. The ME Series connectors utilized FDA-compliant Neoprene seals to create a leak-tight seal to the customer’s various test pieces. FasTest also supplied the customer with FasTest Genuine Parts for future connector maintenance to maximize line up-time.

The customer chose FasTest because of their consistent ability to deliver on previous leak testing projects and their ability to provide standard FDA compliant connectors and seals. FasTest was also able to provide on-site technical support through their highly-trained local distribution network, which significantly reduced process adoption time and ensured that the FasTest solution worked as intended.

About FasTest, Inc.

Since 1985, FasTest, Inc. has manufactured quick connections and valves that maximize efficiency, safety and quality throughout our customers’ manufacturing processes. FasTest products are ideally suited for product performance and function testing, as well as fluid transferring, pick and place, and a wide variety of other applications commonly found in industrial manufacturingHVAC-R and compressed gas industries.

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