FasTest Partners with Large Truck Manufacturer on Leak Test

FasTest Provides Custom Connection Solution for Leak Testing Air Brakes

Minneapolis, MN— May 30, 2018—FasTest, Inc. has partnered with a major truck manufacturer in need of a unique connection solution to leak test an air brake system on a vehicle chassis. The customer‘s goals were to reduce leak test setup time, eliminate scrap material waste, and improve operator safety throughout the process. The customer required dynamic connection solutions that could handle 80 PSI and connect to a variety of hose fitting sizes ranging from a ¼” to ¾” outside diameter. The customer also aimed to improve the ergonomics of their testing method, as their old push connector was creating repetitive motion issues for operators.

The customer’s previous testing method also required that a section of hose used to connect to the connector be removed before final assembly due to possible damage caused by the testing process. This process was time consuming and increased the amount of scrap waste.

FasTest Solutions

FasTest worked closely with the customer to identify a connection solution that reduced test time, eliminated scrap waste and improved the ergonomics of the connecting process. After a brief consultation period, FasTest’s technical experts recommended custom FE series connectors with side ports that granted easier access to the test connection point. In doing so, FasTest was able to successfully upgrade the customer’s manual leak testing process to a semi-automated process, which greatly improved testing efficiency and resolved repetitive motion concerns. FasTest’s seals also eliminated any test piece damage and associated product scrap. Finally, FasTest’s distribution network has been able to provide valuable onsite technical support to ensure that the customer’s pressure decay test continues to operate optimally.

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