FasTest Drives Lean Practices in Leak Testing Fuel Rails

New Connection Verification™ Technology Eliminates Testing Waste

Minneapolis, MN— September 12, 2018—FasTest, Inc. has partnered with a US-based vehicle component manufacturer to help maximize production output of their fuel rail production process. Before working with FasTest, the manufacturer’s leak testing process was prone to placement errors throughout the testing process, leading to a high number of false failures that caused significant re-test time. That re-test time cost the manufacturer approximately $90,000 per year!

The customer required their solution to be automated, safe, and highly accurate in order to eliminate opportunities for operator error.  

FasTest Solutions

FasTest recommended an FE Series quick connection tool with Connection Verification™ technology. This new technology from FasTest initiates a leak test only once the connector has been properly positioned and actuated, eliminating false failures. The Connection Verification™ technology also alerts operators of low seal life to optimize maintenance programs.

The customer chose FasTest because of their ability to reduce waste and create a continuous improvement win. They were also able to greatly improve efficiency and reliability throughout the customer’s leak testing process, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars saved each year and greatly reduced warranty claims. FasTest was also able to provide FasTest Genuine Parts and on-site tech service through distribution to maximize production up-time.

About FasTest, Inc.

Since 1985, FasTest, Inc. has manufactured quick test connectors and valves that maximize efficiency, quality and safety of leak testing and fluid transferring application. FasTest has leak test tools that are ideally suited for the automotive, calibration, medical, industrial manufacturing, HVAC-R and compressed gas industries.

Relying on core engineering skills, FasTest has secured over 50 US and International patents that serve as the design platform for innovative products that enable their customers to improve testing, manufacturing process and productivity. FasTest also offers custom connectors are for unique requirements.

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