FasTest Adds to Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) Product Line

RQD Series now Available for “Keyed” PCU Models 64 & 78 Tips

Minneapolis, MN— May 7, 2018—FasTest, Inc. has extended their Refrigeration Quick Disconnect (RQD) product series to include connections to the silver color PCU Model 64 and Model 78 quick coupling tips (a.k.a. “inserts”, “nipples”” or “plugs”) which have a different, non-interchangeable profile than the more common black color PCU Model 61 & 66 tips.  This provides an effective mechanical “keying” system that prevents accidental misconnection of fluid lines containing incompatible media that should not be mixed.

The revolutionary feature of the RQD Series connectors is that they allow a quick, safe connection to be made even while under pressures of up to 750 psi (52 bar)! The RQD connection tools are specifically designed to easily process high pressure refrigerants (and other liquids/gasses), and seamlessly connect to male tips, even when the system is under pressure.  The RQD connector features an automatic internal shutoff valve that prevents spilling of refrigerant when it is disconnected from the coupling tip, effectively creating a double sided, leak-free seal; this addresses a long-standing safety concern in the refrigerant processing space. For added operator safety, the connectors are also designed with a pressure-lock feature that prevents accidental disconnects while under pressure.

“Our RQD product has been a very well received over the years, mostly due to its ability to connect while the systems are under pressure,” said Thomas Braun, FasTest’s VP of Product & Business Development. “Our customers find that this greatly improves their processing efficiency and the safety of their employees.  FasTest now offers a complete line of connectors for male Hansen and PCU tips, as well as many other ISO 7241-1 Series B coupling tips that are commonly used in many industrial applications where making a system connection while under pressure has been a challenge!” .

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