FasTest Partners with Leading Appliances Manufacturer

FasTest Introduces Valved Appliances Quick Connector

FasTest, Inc., the industry leader in standard and customized quick connectors, has partnered with a leading global manufacturer of home appliances to engineer a custom valved quick connector. This FasTest connector will be used during functional tests of gas-fired appliances to reduce test time and increase throughput throughout the manufacturing processes.

Customer NeedAppliances quick connector

A long-standing customer came to FasTest with a desire to improve the efficiency of their manual functional testing process. The customer required a single action to simultaneously seal the port and open a valve to a live gas line. Prior to FasTest, the appliance manufacturer was using outdated Tuthill connectors that had poor main seal life and were difficult to repair and service in the field.

Why FasTest?

Having used several FasTest performance connections in other applications, the customer was already familiar with the features and benefits of FasTest’s solutions. The customer chose FasTest for their extended tool life, superior customer service, and technical support.

FasTest Solution

FasTest was able to customize the standard EZ Connect ZN quick connector with an integrated shut off valve that automatically seals the valve when disconnected. In doing so, FasTest was able to simultaneously provide a leak-tight connection to the customer’s gas valve inlet threads, as well as open the valve inside the connector to allow for a natural gas flow. FasTest also utilized their urethane seals to more than double seal life.

FasTest’s custom EZ Connect ZN also includes:

  • An intuitive lever handle designed for easy and ergonomic manual operation
  • All “non-sparking” materials to ensure a safe gas-flow path
  • Significantly improved seal wear and quality of materials used

By collaborating with a leader in appliances manufacturing, FasTest was able to design a quick connector that is ideally suited for gas appliances, such as: clothes dryers, water heaters, fireplace equipment, and more. 

To see our official FastWin, download here. 

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