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Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, technology is vital for the success and growth of innovative processes. With manufacturing processes being in Industry 4.0 which according to AMFG “is an approach to manufacturing that enhances quality and efficiency through strategic automation and seamless data exchange”.  Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a key component in Industry 4.0. AI is the process of computers learning through different algorithms to predict future outcomes and help current situations. Manufacturing companies can use AI to cut costs, streamline supply chains, increase safety, and much more. read more

5 Ways To Achieve Safety In Your Plant

Safety has always and will be a top priority in the manufacturing industry. From physical injuries to environmental hazards, these unfortunate events could cost the company a substantial amount of resources. On top of these events, they are hard to predict which means they could strike at any time. Take COVID-19, for example, no one could scope out the damage this virus would do to the manufacturing industry leading to a negative outlook for the future with leading manufacturers – 78.3% of manufacturers anticipating a financial impact from the virus. Without a plan when these unfortunate events happen, there could be a potential to close down the manufacturing plant and much worse. Luckily, there are ways that you can convert your manufacturing plant into an atmosphere that is safe and encourages the use of standard safety practices. In this post, FasTest will break down what the most common safety hazards are and 5 ways to achieve safety in your plant. read more