FasTest Partners With Leading Diesel Engines Manufacturer to Improve Leak Testing Process

FasTest Introduces Quick Connector for Large Diameter Ports

FasTest, Inc., the industry leader in standard and customized quick connectors for leak and pressure testing has partnered with a leading global manufacturer of big bore diesel engines to design a new quick connector ideal for large diameter ports. FasTest worked with the customer to modify a standard FI Series connector by adding a unique collet design to improve internal gripping on the test piece.

Customer Need

The customer required a leak-tight connection to a 2-inch rough cast port on the coolant inlet and outlet ports of a big bore diesel engine. The air test was being conducted at 20 psi. Previously, the customer was using a rubber hose and a screw clamp to affix the hose to a coolant intake port. This process was very time consuming and often resulted in blow offs, putting operators at risk of injury.

The customer’s primary desire was to improve operator safety while reducing test time. The customer also required that the quick connector be able to create a leak-tight seal without fixturing.

 FasTest Solution

FasTest was able to customize the standard FI Series quick connector with a unique grip and seal collet technology. This quick connector is able to provide a safe, leak-tight connection to the rough cast port without fixturing. Additionally, the quick connector’s pneumatic actuation provides ergonomic functionality, while the rugged design makes the connector durable and ideal for production use.

This quick connector has been further modified for additional applications, and is ideal for leak testing smooth or rough cast ports with internal diameters ranging in size from 1.1 to 3-inches. The quick connector will provide a leak-tight seal from vacuum up to 120 psi without fixturing.

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