FasTest Unveils New LuerMate™ Connectors for Medical Manufacturing & Testing

High and Low Pressure Quick Connectors Provide Pneumatic Connection to Female Luers

Minneapolis, MN—February 18, 2015—FasTest, Inc. introduces two new LuerMateconnectors, designed to provide seamless connections to all standard female medical luer configurations. Featuring a fast, pneumatically actuated connection that maximizes ergonomic efficiency, FasTest’s LuerMate connectors simplify the testing processes and improve productivity for medical Luer testing applications.FST_LuerMate

Panel mounted, the low pressure MLL2001 connector provides a secure connection to the luer up to 100 psi, while the high pressure MLH2001 offers a connection up to 500 psi. The LuerMate connectors are manufactured from stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and are easily field repairable to ensure a long lasting, high quality application solution.

“FasTest’s new LuerMate connectors provide users with a simple, quick and reliable means of applying pressure/vacuum to a catheter for testing and manufacturing processes,” said Brian Strini, President of Machine Solutions, Inc.

Additional FasTest LuerMate style connectors are available in automated or manual configurations for male or female Luer testing. Special configurations are also available for unique filling, flushing or testing applications.

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